Sweden to UK back to Sweden

A lot has happened since our last post.. we relocated back to Sweden mid 2015 and the buggies obviously came back with us. We were determined to take the buggies back by road so that was a big adventure in itself. My brother in law Stefan and our good friend Dav jumped on the opportunity of an epic road-trip that would take us over 1000 miles through the UK, Belgium (we attended the yearly IBW on the way), Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.
Ryan came along in the finished Baja Bug for its premier debut at a show, not for the faint hearted taking a newly finished project abroad.

We are slowly settling back in Sweden and have moved into our new home. One of my first priorities was to get the new garage ready so the buggies could be moved in before the winter came.

The plan for the next couple of months is to get both buggies road-legal in this country.. oh and a few mods to the Manx as you can see in one of the photos =)

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