So I bought another bus =D

I actually bought this 1964 Volvo B71516 back in 2015 but I never really got around to documenting or taking any photos of the progress with it.
The bus was picked up from Gothenburg and driven to Södermanland without missing a beat.. well almost 😀 we hadn’t done more than a few miles before we lost all brake pressure due to the belts being lose and a few miles later the whole thing almost caught fire due to a piece of insulation coming loose in the engine bay. Both of these issues cound be sorted out road-side and the journey home was otherwise smooth and uneventful.

Two things did bother me a bit however; the noise level in the cab and a strong smell of exhaust fumes. As I got home, one of the first things to address was the source of the smell of exhaust gases (easily found) and then the stripping could start. The old tired interior was ripped out to make way for a new interior and the addition of a garage in the back to put a buggy.

This is likely going to take a few years to complete but I’ll post updates on here. Oh, for anyone looking for some technical stuff on these beauties, check out the Document Library as I’ve uploaded the workshop manual for the B715 series and a few other goodies 😉

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