Results at Last..

After many years of persevering all the hard work finally paid off, I set myself a dead-line earlier in the year and managed to get the buggy back on the road again. It passed its first MOT in 8 years first time and the only advisories were related to the headlamp aim, I forgot the lenses are different for LHD and RHD traffic.
I haven’t driven it much more since the MOT as I had to apply for a UK registration, luckily all it took was to fill in the relevant form (V55/5 for anyone thinking about importing a used vehicle to the UK) and submitting this along with the MOT certificate, insurance documents and a customs paperwork. Now I just need to get a new set of number plates and we’ll be ready to hit the road.

I was also recently reminded about updating this website, I didn’t think it got much following anymore but I suppose it is the nature of a blog.. you never know whether anyone reads it =) well I am glad someone still does as the work on a buggy is never really complete. Getting it road-worthy was just another milestone in this lifelong project.

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