Engine work

Work continues on the Baja and we’re slowly inching forward with the engine; the tinware was stripped off so the engine could be thoroughly cleaned and whilst at it we decided to add a bit of orange to the engine block. The heat-exchangers are being replaced as the old ones were a bit crusty and all serviceable items are also being attended to.
We are currently re-assembling the engine but have stumbled across a silly problem that will need resolving before we can move on; the air intake of the engine has a dual heat-riser that was introduced in 1974 onward beetles. Although this was probably a really good idea from an emissions reduction point of view, it creates problem for us trying to find a suitable baja exhaust. So rather than try to modify/weld a custom exhaust, we’re just going to fit a pre-1974 manifold with a single heat-riser.
You will notice from the photos that the garage it is becoming rather full with engines and other stuff, I happen to have pulled the engine out of my Manx to replace the pressure plate and rockers (engine on the right) and also have a single port 1500 (engine on the left) that will be up for sale shortly.

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