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My name is Jonathan Rojas, I was born in Sweden in 1981 and my love for VW-based buggies and anything mechanical started when I was 17; I spotted a beach buggy being drifted madly by a group of youths outside my college and not fully understanding what kind of car I had just seen, the buggy clearly made a strong impression in my mind. Later that year I came across a buggy on an advert.. fortunately the seller was a friendly guy and was more than happy to provide with general information about the origins of these wonderful cars. I didn’t have any money to buy his buggy at the time, or a driving license but it didn’t matter – a seed had been planted in my head and I just had to have one.

I kept looking for buggies in local ads and reading about them. At age 19, I found and bought my first beach buggy code-named Agent Orange, the same one this web site was initially dedicated to.

Today, almost two decades later, I still have Agent Orange and have added another buggy to my collection of toys, a UK tagged Meyer’s Manx. I live and work in Sweden and still have the same passion for buggies and classic Volkswagens as when it all started, I’ve also helped friends work on their buggies and a close friend build his first Baja Bug.

Me in my Manx - Photo taken around 2012

Me in my Manx – Photo taken around 2012

PS. In case you are wondering about the title of this site, it is a tribute to one of the best computer games I have ever come across – Grim Fandango. Glottis is a character in the game, a spirit of the land whose purpose in life is to drive things and tinker with vehicles and he becomes very sick if he is unable to do so.
My wife often calls me Glottis when she notices me having the blues (I have suffered with depression for a number of years) and often forces me out to the garage to work on my cars.. this somehow always seems to take my mind of things and restore me back to “normal”.

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