In the beginning there was a bug

And it was good.. but not good enough =)

This is the start of a great new build, not for myself but for a friend who has mysteriously developed a love (or obsession) for Baja Buggies. Don’t know how it happened but I suspect I may have had something to do with it, they say it is contagious.

The bug – which he found on an online ad – had already been stripped down by its previous owner with the intention of carrying out an original restoration but somewhere along the line he lost interest and we ended up using it as the basis to build an awesome Baja Bug.

The photos below show the beetle when it arrived and some of the progress done so far. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been on our side lately (it is winter after all) so we started by focusing on the engine and jobs that can be done inside the garage. Soon however we’ll address a few rusty patches and start working on putting this thing together.

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