Busy times in Glottis’ Buggy Garage

There has been a lot of activity in the garage lately with the Baja that is being built, sorting out the valve train issues on the Manx and general spannering with Agent Orange. That hasn’t stopped us from going out on a few cruises now that the weather is looking better and a friend has also opened a new cool hang-out for car and bike enthusiasts, the place is called Coffee500 and is a themed 60’s Italian cafe with ample space for parking and really friendly staff.

As I am only just starting to drive my Agent Orange, I am currently in the process of sorting out any little bugs that I can find before I start trying to go far in it.. there are usually quite a few with any new build and this one is no exception. The biggest issues so far has had to do with leaky rocker covers at high revs and an increasingly annoying tappeting noise from the valve train. The first issue is due to the modifications that I made to the Wasserboxer’s standard crankcase breathing in favour of a Type-1 alternator stand, whilst everything works fine at lower revs, the pressure is simply too high when the engine is revved above 5000rpm. I’ve decided to fit an aftermarket crankcase breather box that relieves the built up of positive pressure inside the crankcase from the heads and the oil filler neck, hopefully this should see the end of oil drops from the rocker covers onto the exhaust which are both smelly and dangerous.

The second issue was more serious, I thought that the noisy valve train was simply an indication that it was time to check the valve clearance again but it turned out to be much worse. Two valve adjuster screws were badly worn and one had failed completely as you see on the photo below. This came as a big surprise as they were new when the engine was rebuilt and have so far done no more than 150km, unfortunately this build has taken so long that I am not able to send them back but I will definitely be keeping an eye on the new set now.

A friend also made a little video of us leaving the cafe the other day.. we couldn’t help it doing it “in style”

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